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Thursday, 27 May 2010 19:35


Rili ShrimpRili Shrimp is one of the most exciting development after King Kong Shrimps, this shrimp paths the way which neocardina shrimps can be developed into pattern strains rather then color strains only.

The Rili Shrimp in the picture is 3 of the most unique speciment in a Taiwan farm, this shrimp has clear body and intensified "painted" red on the head.

There are only 2 such pieces in the farm and the third one, I would say is the most unique neocaridinal shrimp developed so far. I shall up my blog on it soon. In the meantime, visit my gallery for pictures of Rili Shrimps. Finally, I got the gallery password fixed!

Sunday, 28 February 2010 02:56

Chocolate ShrimpThis shrimp belongs to genus necaridinal, created and stablised by a secretive breeder in Taiwan. This strain has very intensified colors which is very stable in range of water parameters. It is as hardy as cherry shrimps and the breed true rate is very good, making it an welcome addition to neocaridinal shrimps collectors.

Wednesday, 09 September 2009 09:36
Siamese Quadruplets Shrimps

Ok, these are not siamese quadruplets, but gangbangs. 3 males trying to molted females. The female is huge and rather weak, this should be her 4th time into carry eggs.

Wednesday, 01 July 2009 18:18
How to make a CRS with better color?

This question is often hear in forum.

Long term external factors have great influence on CRS color beside the phenotype genes of a CRS:

  • Water temperature, ideally is 23°C, this gives the best color vs other factor like growth rate. 24°C to 25°C will work as well, but 26°C and above is not so much for color.
  • Light, there are 2 factors to consider, that is the invisible light and the visible light. A light temperature like in range of 10,000k will give better coloration for our eyes. And for invisible light, they will need those has UVB.  I like to use 2 combo from Sera light tube, the 12,000K Blue Sky and Sera Terra FL tube (full spectrum daylight with 30% UV-A and 4% UV-B).
  • Food, plant based food like Mosura CRS Specialty food. "Meat" based food is better for growth rate while plant based food is better for coloration.
  • Water pH, keep at round 6.5 to 6.8. Lower pH will give not so nice color.
  • Water GH, around 6 to 8. Use Mosura Mineral Plus to increase mineral contents and GH.
  • Less water change and change lesser amount of water.
  • And of course good filtration of water, use canister filter and quality filter medium
Wednesday, 01 July 2009 18:01
Bloody Wine Red Shrimps

The latest development in Wine Red Shrimp are pattern and color. The color is very deep red, often called as Blood Red and the pattern wise, it has yet to reach a common concensus in different communities. But vintage pattern like hinomaru seems to have won the heart of Taiwan community, Japanese community current is at liost of which trend to go, to go for more red patch or go for pattern, but I think they will go for pattern/color trend of Wine Red Shrimp instead of red patch trend soon.

The above picture shows a Blood Red Hino type of Wine Red Shrimp in focus and the rest are Wine Red Shrimp.


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