Red Bee Shrimp
Silane Crystal Red Shrimp * CRS **
Friday, 25 April 2008 11:11
Tiger Shrimp Releasing Shrimplet

This females tiger get to the front of a tank to release shrimplets she is carrying in her eggs. I got the opporunity to see how a shrimplet is hutch from an eggs.

Thursday, 17 April 2008 12:40
Sulawesi Shrimp, Cardinal night shots
I made a night shot on Cardinal or Matano Blue Dots shrimps from Sulawesi eating hehavior. It is interesting to know they have excellent smell sense. In complete darkness, I put a piece of Mosura Specialty CRS food in the tank, within 3 minutes, the gathered around it.

When the light is on, some of them left, the bold ones remain eating.
Friday, 04 April 2008 19:21
Test Kits I Use


I have tested different brand of test kits and now settle on API as they are very easy to use for my shrimp tanks. Shown here is Phosphate, Ammonia, KH, GH, Nitrite, Cholrine and Copper. I have missed place my API Nitrate test kits, got to find it back. What is not shown here is electronics pH probe, this is the most important tools. Naturally, for a certain pH value of water, the kH and GH will fall within a particular range, so pH is the only parameter I regularly test for matured tanks.

Thursday, 31 January 2008 09:27

Extreme Flowerhead Mosura

Just setup a new tank to house this extreme flowerhead mosura with a few of its mates to pass on the genes. Hopefully, I can harvest some extreme pieces in F1, if not, F2.

extreme flowerhead mosura

Wednesday, 30 January 2008 16:48

Toxified by Sulawesi  

Just aquired some these unique Caridina cf.spongicola (Freshwater Harlequin) .  They are really pretty, it seems to be they are quite hardy once they have settled down.

 Caridina cf.spongicola (Freshwater Harlequin shrimp)

Some of the hobbyists asked me if they can be comm with crystal red shrimp. Let look at the water parameter of the lake they are found, Lake Towuti, the maximum pH is 8.2, water temperature is 26.5°C to 28°C, 28°C is found at the shallow water near shore, electrical conductivity is 175 ~ 400. Just base on the pH alone, they are not suitable to be put in crystal red shrimp tank and vice visa.

Since they are wild caught animal, one should provide them with a captivity enviroment that is as close as to the natural.

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