Red Bee Shrimp
Silane Crystal Red Shrimp * CRS **
Wednesday, 24 December 2008 11:14
How does a baby king kong shrimp look like? 

It is born to be different, with its light blue white patch and blue to greyish black patch, shows color even at 3 days old.

baby king Kong shrimp

This is how a few days old black bee (black diamond) shrimp look like.

baby Black Bee Shrimp

Tuesday, 18 November 2008 14:56
Formula to Better Pattern CRS

To upgrade patterns of CRS, one can put some snow white or golden CRS into a tank of CRS. The result can be seen in F1, if not F2, if not F3, if not...... Over these years, the white color of the result CRS has improved but red is no where near pure red line. Years ago, CRS with golden genes can be easily tell apart from one without by telling the white portion, but nowsaday, crossing with golden CRS can get quite good result.

 X  =

To get good result within the first few generations, good parental genes of the golden CRS is important. Pinkish or yellow  golden has red genes and whiter golden CRS has black genes.

Tuesday, 04 November 2008 00:07
New Mutation of CRS

A new variation of shrimps were created from crystal red shrimps, they are ink black or deep red. The ink black version is a strong rival for black tiger shrimps. This is reflected in Japanese auctions, black tiger transactions have almost stopped. But increase number of Wine Red and King Kong Shrimps tradings. Just recently, 2 pregnant females King Kong Shrimps were sold at 400,000Yen (US$4000), the price was surprisely high and that make one wander what will be the price for Extreme females king kong shrimps.

Visit my gallery to see these beautiful new shrimps...... including 2 newest color. These shrimps were from the inventor of this new line of shrimps, now the shrimps are in my tank.

Tuesday, 02 September 2008 05:30
Undergravel Shrimp Tank 

I have done an article on step by step setting up of a undergravel shrimp tank. Undergravel shrimp tank has a new advantages like eliminate the need to use filter inlet sponge, extend the lifetime of gravel and offers extra surface for benefitial bacteria to grow.

Mosura Old Sea Mud Powder

During the first 2 weeks of setup, the pH can goes very low when soil based gravel is used then one tank does not use undergravel filter plate. One can do a few large water change to bring the pH up by a bit. MOSURA Old Sea Mud Powder is recommended to use in the base to provide long term remineralisation and also absorb unharm stuffs in the gravel as it will build up as time goes by.

Read more here:

Sunday, 20 July 2008 11:45
My Son and Shrimps

 Hawaiian red shrimps

My son likes shrimps, he has just turned 2 years old and he starts to recognise shrimps by color. He can tell difference between crystal red shrimp, black tiger shrimps and blue tiger shrimps by their color.

Today, I got his a jar with 2 Haiwaiian Shrimps or also known as Micro Lobsters, he loves it and stares at them for a long time. Next thing, he wanted is to feed them like he alway, feed my CRS and Tiger shrimps. But for this species, he could only enjoy the fun of feeding once per week.


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