Undegravel + Canister Filter Shrimp Tank Setup PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 11 August 2008 19:12

This articles shows how to setup a shrimp tank with undergravel + canister filter. The advantage of using undergravel filter is to eliminate the need of canister filter inlet and also the gravel offer extras surface area for beneficial bacteria to live on.

Step 1: Undergravel Plates Placement

I am reusing a tank, you will have to wash it thoroughly if you are using a new tank and dry the base. Position the undergravel plates, fix the plates in actual position by help of inlet and outlet hoses and spray bar of canister filter.


Step 2: Add in Base Powder

I then apply a layer of MOSURA Old Sea Mud Powder at the base, according to manufacturer instruction. This step is helpful in extending the gravel usable lifetime and also provide essential trace elements to the shrimps. The powder is scattered on the area that is not covered by the undregravel filter plates.

Step 3: Add in a Gravel

Pour in first bag of gravel, the height over the undergravel plate is is made thinker.

Step 4: Add in more Gravel

Add in more Gravel to make the depth of gravel to be at least 5cm. Even out slight, the place where the inlet is is the thickest with substrate.

Step 5: Prepare to add in Water

Before water is added, spread a piece of plastic bag over the substrate. This is to prevent water from messing up the gravel.

Step 6: Add in Water

Top up water to about 3/4 full, put in plant and driftwood as needed. Hook up the canister filter and run. Let the tank cycle for 1.5 weeks. I dont put fish for cycling, as shrimp gravel usually has ammomia to kick start the bacteria.

Step 7: Water Change

After 1.5 week, do a large water change and dose MOSURA Mineral Plus to get GH 3 to 4.

Step 8: Release CRS

On the third week, I place a piece of old sea mud and acclaimise the shrimps in.

Note: Longer cycle up to 2 months can be more desirable in some cases.