The new and exciting Rili Shrimps (琉璃蝦)
Thursday, 27 May 2010 19:35


Rili ShrimpRili Shrimp is one of the most exciting development after King Kong Shrimps, this shrimp paths the way which neocardina shrimps can be developed into pattern strains rather then color strains only.

The Rili Shrimp in the picture is 3 of the most unique speciment in a Taiwan farm, this shrimp has clear body and intensified "painted" red on the head.

There are only 2 such pieces in the farm and the third one, I would say is the most unique neocaridinal shrimp developed so far. I shall up my blog on it soon. In the meantime, visit my gallery for pictures of Rili Shrimps. Finally, I got the gallery password fixed!