How to make CRS with better color?
Wednesday, 01 July 2009 18:18
How to make a CRS with better color?

This question is often hear in forum.

Long term external factors have great influence on CRS color beside the phenotype genes of a CRS:

  • Water temperature, ideally is 23°C, this gives the best color vs other factor like growth rate. 24°C to 25°C will work as well, but 26°C and above is not so much for color.
  • Light, there are 2 factors to consider, that is the invisible light and the visible light. A light temperature like in range of 10,000k will give better coloration for our eyes. And for invisible light, they will need those has UVB.  I like to use 2 combo from Sera light tube, the 12,000K Blue Sky and Sera Terra FL tube (full spectrum daylight with 30% UV-A and 4% UV-B).
  • Food, plant based food like Mosura CRS Specialty food. "Meat" based food is better for growth rate while plant based food is better for coloration.
  • Water pH, keep at round 6.5 to 6.8. Lower pH will give not so nice color.
  • Water GH, around 6 to 8. Use Mosura Mineral Plus to increase mineral contents and GH.
  • Less water change and change lesser amount of water.
  • And of course good filtration of water, use canister filter and quality filter medium