King Kong Shrimps Rules
Tuesday, 04 November 2008 00:07
New Mutation of CRS

A new variation of shrimps were created from crystal red shrimps, they are ink black or deep red. The ink black version is a strong rival for black tiger shrimps. This is reflected in Japanese auctions, black tiger transactions have almost stopped. But increase number of Wine Red and King Kong Shrimps tradings. Just recently, 2 pregnant females King Kong Shrimps were sold at 400,000Yen (US$4000), the price was surprisely high and that make one wander what will be the price for Extreme females king kong shrimps.

Visit my gallery to see these beautiful new shrimps...... including 2 newest color. These shrimps were from the inventor of this new line of shrimps, now the shrimps are in my tank.