Undergravel + Canister Filter Shrimp Tank
Tuesday, 02 September 2008 05:30
Undergravel Shrimp Tank 

I have done an article on step by step setting up of a undergravel shrimp tank. Undergravel shrimp tank has a new advantages like eliminate the need to use filter inlet sponge, extend the lifetime of gravel and offers extra surface for benefitial bacteria to grow.

Mosura Old Sea Mud Powder

During the first 2 weeks of setup, the pH can goes very low when soil based gravel is used then one tank does not use undergravel filter plate. One can do a few large water change to bring the pH up by a bit. MOSURA Old Sea Mud Powder is recommended to use in the base to provide long term remineralisation and also absorb unharm stuffs in the gravel as it will build up as time goes by.

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